Asset Alliance Industry Monitor 2023

Commercial Motor
July 6, 2023

The Industry Monitor 2023 surveys industry leaders to provide the essential guide to the state of the UK’s freight transport industry.
It analyses the challenges vehicle operators face, including rising costs, driver shortages, and the issues involved in going green.
It examines the strategies being adopted to ensure the success of businesses in this changing market. And it looks at anticipated buying patterns for the year ahead.
The report was compiled from independent Edge Insight research commissioned by Motor Transport and Commercial Motor, in partnership with Asset Alliance Group.
Topics inside
  • The industry in numbers: all the key figures on operating licence and vehicle numbers in Great Britain and Northern Ireland; and on the fleets run by our survey respondents
  • The top 30: logistics still pays... mostly. We provide the lowdown on all the biggest players in UK logistics and the growth they achieved in 2022
  • The key challenges: times are certainly hard and there are some big challenges ahead – but vehicle operators are still showing high levels of confidence about the future, according to our survey
  • Vehicle supply patterns: our respondents share their plans for vehicle replacements and fleet expansion; we examine how total cost of vehicle ownership has moved on since 2019; and who’s top of the table among the various manufacturers in terms of vehicle sales
  • The road to net-zero: are we making any progress in our efforts to go green? And if so, why do most of our research panel have no plans at all to decarbonise their fleets in the next three years?
  • Alternative options: we round up the vehicles with alternative fuels and drivelines that are available from the various manufacturers right now or in the near future

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