Sector Insight 2022

Commercial Motor
December 8, 2021

Commercial Motor and Motor Transport’s latest Hot Topic report looks at what operators expect to see affecting their businesses in the next 12 months. It includes fleets of all sizes from across the country and covers a range of topical issues, from the driver shortage, through to investment in new vehicles and the UK’s decarbonisation targets.

Topics include:

  • Demographics: learn where our respondents are based, their average fleet size and annual turnover
  • Trading position: find out how operators fared during the return to a post-lockdown trading environment and what they perceive key challenges to be for the year ahead
  • Investment: are operators confident enough to invest in their businesses during 2022 and what key purchases do they plan?
  • Finance: we explore which financing methods are the most popular with operators and why
  • Decarbonisation: what do operators think about the UK government’s drive to net zero and will they achieve their own targets?
  • Alternative fuels: which technology is on the horizon for commercial vehicle fleets and how far along are operators on their decarbonisation journey?
  • Repair and maintenance: In-house or outsourced - what’s your preferred method of keeping your fleet roadworthy?
  • Driver shortage: how is this affecting day-to-day operations and will wage bills inevitably have to rise?
  • Young and inexperienced: does the cost and complexity of insurance deter employers from hiring younger drivers?
  • Industry schemes: mandatory or voluntary, there are an increasing number of initiatives aimed at fleet compliance. Are operators on-board or opting out?

This in-depth research was supported by industry partners: Goodyear, Hazelton Mountford, MAN Financial Services and Volvo Trucks.

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