Used Mercedes-Benz Actros: 10 problems to look out for

Commercial Motor
April 9, 2023

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We’re pleased to say that when we spoke to operators of Actros of various ages, all their complaints were relatively minor, a demonstration in itself of why these trucks are so popular on the export market. Some of them are even completely removed by virtue of Euro-5 and Euro-6 vehicles being downgraded to Euro-3 – no more pesky and predictable AdBlue issues, for starters. All the rest can be anticipated or may well have been dealt with before the vehicle is shipped. Nevertheless they are worth being aware of, so here’s the list.

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1. Fridge:

Factory-fitted fridge drawer prone to both excessive interior rattles and failure of the release cable.
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2. Water ingress:

Water ingress via the wiring looms on pre-63 plate examples. This then tracked down inside and damaged ECUs. A fix is now available, check it has been done.
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3. Battery-saver:

Reports that earlier models bleeped to inform drivers when low voltage triggered the consumer shutdown battery-saving system when parked overnight, consequently waking them up.
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4. Wear:

Light-coloured bunk and walls attract stains. Cruise control and driver’s side window switches are prone to showing wear.
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5. Radiator vents:

Variable grille-mounted radiator vents prone to sticking – should open up as the engine warms. This is not an issue on downgraded examples.
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6. Bumper:

Low positioning means the bottom corner panels and front bumper are prone to damage. These then have to be individually replaced. Rattles also common from front corner scoops near headlamps.
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7. TCM module:

Air leaks from TCM module (controls the gearbox) on Euro-5 and early Euro-6 models. This can cause major failure, so check replacement has been fitted.
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8. Chassis:

First-generation run-up ramps are stronger than the chassis. Reports of chassis actually bending when drivers tried to pick up loaded trailers from sloped docking bays. The ramp spec has since been changed so they should now bend first!
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9. AdBlue sensor:

AdBlue sensor issues and some pump replacements needed on all relevant Euro-5 and Euro-6 engines. Both initially show as engine management and AdBlue warning on the dash. This is not an issue on downgraded examples.
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10. Catwalk:

Poor catches on the retractable catwalk steps, causing them to fall down while travelling.
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