A14 toll is a tax on Suffolk hauliers says trade body

Plans to charge hauliers up to £3 for using the A14 amount to a “toll tax”, leaving the region’s haulage operators at a competitive disadvantage, according to business leaders.

The warning from Suffolk Chambers of Commerce came as it launched a campaign against the plans to construct a toll road in Cambridgeshire.

This is in addition to a campaign recently launched by the Road Haulage Association (pictured) and an e-Petition by Suffolk businessman Tim Meadows-Smith.

The charging proposals were also dealt a blow by Labour’s transport minister, who cast doubt on whether it would pursue the project if it gained power in 2015.

Suffolk county council’s cabinet member for transport Graham Newman said the toll was “a tax on Suffolk and Suffolk businesses, especially our ports and logistics businesses” and that the county stood to be harmed the most: “In Norfolk you can use the A47 and in Essex you can go a bit further round the M25 and up the A1 to avoid it,” he said.

“The argument is that you will save half an hour in traffic jams, which is costing logistics operators £30-£40, so a £3 toll is much cheaper. But the issue is that the others haven’t got to pay for it.”

Maria Eagle, shadow transport minister, said Labour would look at whether tolling was the right way forward if it won the General Election in two years’ time: “I don't think they are going to have got very far with it by the time we get to an election, so it gives us an opportunity to have a close look at what the right way forward is,” she said.

Deben Transport’s MD Paul Dawson has already complained that the toll could cost his business more than £144,000: “With the amount of journeys we do, at £3 a time, 60 to 100 journeys a day, multiply it up to 240 working days a year; that’s a fortune.”

Hammersmith flyover project will complete in 2015

The final phase of maintenance work on the Hammersmith flyover in London is scheduled to begin next month (October) with completion due in early 2015.The maintenance project, which began in late 2011, has involved strengthening the flyover’s 16 spans, replacing the bearings carrying the structure, renewing carriageway drainage, and waterproofing and resurfacing the entire structure.

Variable speed limits set for M4

Variable mandatory speed limits may start operating between J19 and J20 of the M4 near Bristol as early as Thursday (26 September) as part of the delivery of the managed motorway upgrade scheme, the Highways Agency has confirmed.The agency plans to open the hard shoulder on the M4 on a trial basis only in coming weeks, before making it fully operational later in the year after the testing and commissioning phase.

Repute tarnished for running haulage firm via Skype

A Kent haulage boss who attempted to manage transport operations from Canada using video-call service Skype has had his repute severely tarnished.In a decision following a public inquiry in September in Eastbourne, South East traffic commissioner (TC) Nick Denton (pictured) was told how Graham Wilson was sole director and nominated transport manager of Gillingham-based GTW Transport when Vosa carried out a maintenance investigation in October 2012.

What makes a good used truck?

In an upcoming edition of Commercial Motor (3 October), the winners of the inaugural Used Truck Awards will be revealed. The shortlist (CM, 1 August 2013) was drawn up by a panel of experts who proved candid and unforgiving in selecting the contenders; there was little room for sentiment.

Pall-Ex Polska fuels network's growth

Pall-Ex Polska has gone live, becoming the fifth Continental territory within the UK business’s expanding pallet network. Run by KMC Services, it is Pall-Ex’s second Eastern European territory after Pall-Ex Romania, which launched in late 2011. The 19-member network, which began officially operating on 13 September in Poland, joins Pall-Ex Italia, Iberia and France, which went live in May of this year, as part of the enlarged group.

Government to publish update on winter readiness soon

The Department for Transport (DfT) is set to publish arrangements for the allocation of the UK’s strategic salt supply next month, transport minister Norman Baker has said.The update to the strategic salt protocol, setting out both the arrangements for the allocation of strategic salt and the price per tonne, should be published in early October, Baker stated recently.