Ahead of the game: Schmitz shifts ex-Irlam trailers

Laurie Dealer, always one step ahead of the game, notes with the interest that Schmitz Cargobull is now selling the ex-Irlam stock following the deal from the Stobart Group for 225 new trailers.

Laurie Dealer commented on this back in the summer but as Brian Parkinson says, the trailers proved to be a little slow in coming back. He says, right at the bottom of the interview with the Boy Swallow, that he expected around 300 trailers to return last year through Cargobull Finance but just 10% came back

Now the trailers are starting to come through en masse, Brian says. That is good news for hauliers at a time when it's tough to commit to new orders for rolling stock, even if they need to order.

As Brian always says, his ability to refurbish returning trailers to its former glory means "you can buy two used for the price of a new one".

Jobs a good un.


Kent Connection fleet to go under the hammer

The undercurrent to this fire sale of the Kent Connection fleet concerns Laurie Dealer because it confirms his worst fears.


Kent Connection's inability to absorb rising fuel bills, and a loss in volume, made continuing untenable. As FairFuelUK gathers momentum it is too late to save Blaydon-based Kent Connection and it is now in administration, under the guidance of Sanderson Weatherall.

Truck sales like this have become all too common and Laurie Dealer is unsure where it will end. Sanderson Weatherall has instructed the sale of Kent Connection's assets, which includes MAN and Scania tractors, and Gray & Adams reefer trailers as well as fork lift trucks.

The sale takes place at Kent Connection's yard on 24 February, and potential buyers can view stock from the 22 February.