Can you buy a truck with an AK47 machine gun?

AK47 update - rt television, no Russia Today not Road Transport, debates the American concept of buying used trucks with the world's most renowned gun.

Laurie Dealer isn't sure about the 'drive-by shooting' headline or the points made by the presenters. Pick the classic one liner:

"The inventor never made a single dollar from inventing the gun" - it was a Stalinist state, love. Come on, its Russia Today, how did you get this job?

"Where guns are handed out like confetti" - Laurie dealer has seen Wedding Crashers, and doesn't recall that part.  


Truck dealer targets buyers with AK-47's

Grocontinental unveils new truck livery

Shropshire-based Grocontinental has unveiled a new livery for its 120-strong trailer fleet.

The Whitchurch business says the new food images, and strapline 'Grocontinental - keeping the food industry on the move', better reflects its core customer base.

A specially designed crest will also feature on the rear of the vehicles to mark the firm's 70th anniversary in 2011. Joint MD Linda Grocott says: "Our trailers present a great opportunity for us to spell out what we do.

Many people are aware of our name, but not necessarily that we work with some of the biggest brands in the food industry." The new livery will also feature on the firm's 56 tractor units.