2015 Renault Range D Road Sweeper - Used Truck Deal of the Day

Commercial Motor
January 20, 2020

Today’s used deal is this 2015 Renault Range D road sweeper, from Rothdean Limited UK in Cinderford, with only 176,000km on the clock.

This vehicle has been equipped with Johnston’s VT651 body which includes a dual sweep and clean function and a channel brush. The Range D’s jet wash and three stainless-steel high pressure water spray bars should help remove any stubborn dirt too.

An overhead gulley sucker and rear-mounted wander hose are attached to the outside of the vehicle, while a 100hp JCB donkey engine helps with powering this street-cleaning kit. Camera systems have been specified, helping the driver with visibility in tight urban environments.

Available with 10 month's MoT, this Renault’s price is available on application.

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