60-second interview: Damian Gaffney, director, CEL Trucks

Commercial Motor
November 3, 2016

My favourite holiday destination is…

The UK.

My mode of transport is…

I cycle to and from work and ride shotgun at the weekend.

My hobbies are…

Golf, squash, fencing, haiku and climbing.

I got into the industry…

In 1993. We started by supplying local haulage companies that were taking loads to the Middle East.

To encourage more people into the industry we should…

Develop apprenticeships with more structured training. We recently took on two apprentices – one sales and one engineering – and worked closely with the local college.

The outlook for our sector of the market over the next 12 months is…

That residual prices need to adjust on older and high-mileage kit to reflect the export demand, and that the domestic market should show growth. We have the advantage of maturity in the market, which, with our established customer base, gives an excellent route to market for bulk fleet deals we have coming down the line.

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