60-second interview: Richard Gilliland, aftersales director, West Pennine Trucks

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August 25, 2016

My favourite holiday destinations are...

Hawaii. A little closer to home I enjoy spending time walking in the Lake District.

I drive a...

Volkswagen Touareg.

My hobbies are...

Sports, especially football. I regularly watch my team, Huddersfield Town, and I enjoy running and keeping fit as well as trying to play golf. I also enjoy travelling.

I got into the industry when...

I left the army and went from working with cars, to vans, and then trucks and have never looked back. The industry never stands still, which makes it an exciting and challenging place to work.

To encourage more young people into the industry we should...

Give them the challenges and training they need and deserve to develop, as they are the future. The industry is fast-paced, competitive and needs to innovate to develop. We should use these advantages when encouraging young people into the industry.

The outlook for our sector of the market over the next 12 months is...

Becoming more demanding, and we need to make sure we continue to invest in the right people and resources to deliver the best service possible into the next year and onwards. Our customers are looking for us to continually add value to their operation.

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