60 seconds with... Mitchell Ball, Junction 6 Commercials

George Barrow
July 22, 2019

Get to know the people at the end of the phones. We talk to Mitchell Ball, sales executive at Junction 6 Commercials.

Who are you, and what’s your job role?
Mitchell Ball, sales executive

Where do you work?
Junction 6 Commercials, Tame Rd, Birmingham, B6 7HL

How long have you been selling used trucks?
“Just over a year now, I had worked in a sales team previously but I was an apprentice so never had the chance to sell.”

Can you remember the first truck you sold?
“It was a 2003 18 tonne DAF, sold to one of our customers in Zimbabwe. He called up and we went from there.”

What support do customers get when buying from you?
“We have an extensive after sales service, this is really key to what we do because we are always aiming for repeat business and constantly striving to improve our levels of customer support. What is good for our customers, is good for us.”

What sort of stock do you usually sell?
“We don’t like to limit ourselves, we sell all kinds of stock, our stock is as varied as our customers are. We have lots of UK customers and a valued base of export customers located all over the world.”

Who is your typical customer?
“We deal with a lot of small to medium sized transport companies, along with a few large ones, but we have customers from all sorts of businesses, from scaffolders to motorsport transport companies. And they are located all over the world, from Birmingham to New Zealand.”

What is your favourite road, and why?
“Weirdly enough it would be the A38 between Bassets Pole and Minworth island, although it’s a dual carriage way it’s a long straight piece right next to my house, so it’s great for clearing my head or relaxing.”

What 3 celebrities would you like to have dinner with?
“No idea, it’s difficult to say because you don’t know them so could make this decision and end up with a boring night!”

Does the internet and social media play a part in your selling of used trucks?
“Massively. It is so much easier for a buyer to search for vehicles on the internet or social media than any other method. I think there will always be a place for paper advertising but online advertising has the biggest role to play.”

What’s your favourite holiday destination and why?
“It would have to be the Austrian Alps. I love to snowboard, Austria is comparatively cheap, it is always an amazing time and I seem to enjoy being freezing cold.”

Do you think autonomous vehicles will change haulage?
Yes and no. I think there will always be a place for drivers. We are very far from full autonomy, so I think that right now, it will make driver’s lives considerably easier with regards to long motorway driving. “

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