Concrete firm’s knowledge failures cements TC’s revocation decision

Chris Tindall
November 17, 2023

An operator “with much to learn” and described by a tribunal as the author of his own misfortunes has had an appeal against the revocation of his licence dismissed.

Mixingh Concrete had its standard national licence removed by the traffic commissioner in March when its transport manager informed the office of the TC (OTC) he had resigned and the business failed to find a replacement.

The Southall-based company’s sole director Gurjeet Sandhu appealed against the decision to revoke the licence authorising two HGVs and two trailers, stating that he had not operated any vehicles under the licence; he was still hunting for a replacement transport manager and taking away his authorisation would hamper the firm’s future.

At the appeal tribunal, Sandhu said he was unaware of the need to communicate with the OTC, and he did not know about the existence of the vehicle operator licencing (VOL) system.

The director added that he accepted the decision to revoke Mixingh’s licence was not wrong and he was responsible for the position he found himself in, but he requested that the tribunal gave him another chance.

However, the appeal tribunal said: “We are satisfied that his assessment of the position is correct: he is the author of his own misfortunes.

“It is clear that neither prior to the application being submitted or once the licence was granted, did he take any steps to acquire the requisite knowledge to effectively manage the operator’s licence.

“He has much to learn.”

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