Iveco updates its range of commercial vehicles for 2024

Will Shiers
November 20, 2023
Iveco has spent 1bn updating its entire commercial vehicle range for the 2024 model year, in what it claims to be the biggest investment it has ever made.

It would appear that the lion's share of the investment has gone on the S- and X-Way heavy trucks, with the most significant change being the introduction of the new xCursor 13 engine. Developed by Iveco’s sister brand FTP Industrial, the new engine is offered with ratings up to 580hp (2,800Nm), making it the most powerful 13-litre unit available. The engine, which can run on gas too, and is even hydrogen-ready, features a new turbocharger, higher common rail pressure (2,500bar), and new cylinder head and block. It’s lighter than its predecessor, and more fuel efficient too. When matched to the latest ZF Traxon Gen2 transmission, and a new faster rear axle, Iveco claims an improvement of up to 7% in fuel economy.

Advanced predictive cruise control can contribute a further 1.5% improvement. Iveco has also taken the opportunity to go mirrorless, and claims that replacing conventional rear view mirrors with optional screen and cameras, can boost the overall fuel economy by a further 1.5%, giving a total of up to 10%.

The S-Way’s interior has been completely revamped. It features a new customisable dashboard, with a selection of materials and colours. It looks and feels superb, and represents a giant leap forwards in quality.

The driver is treated to a fully digital cockpit, with TFT instrument cluster. There’s a new multi-function steering wheel too, which includes a stop/start button. While there’s no flat surface on the dashboard, there’s a new pull-out table on the passenger side, and additional storage too. A dashboard-mounted electronic handbrake, with automatic engagement, also helps to free up internal space.

There have been some minor revisions to the truck’s exterior too, which now features a slightly revised grille. Cashing-in on the growing number of drivers and operators who are customising their S-Ways, Iveco now offers a choice of eight different grilles. There are new graphics on the side window, and the latest Iveco badge now takes pride of place on the front.

Iveco has also updated the Eurocargo range. In addition to a minor facelift and a new digital cockpit, the most significant change has been the introduction of the all-new Tector 7 CNG engine.

The 6.7-litre engine is available in ratings of 220hp, 250hp and 280hp. Also new is ZF’s 8-speed ZF8-HP automatic transmission, which is available for both gas and diesel variants. Iveco claims this can reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%.

This makes the Iveco Eurocargo the only gas-powered truck in its class.

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