Krone’s Ice-Protect a first for A&A McNeill

George Barrow
August 24, 2023

A&A McNeill Transport has become a convert to Euroliner trailers after taking delivery of two Krone Profi Liner curtainsiders with a new Ice-Protect system.

The Airdrie-based operator specialises in general haulage and runs five tractor units with a fleet of 17 trailers.

The Profi Liners have been specified with a lifting front axle to reduce rolling resistance and potentially save fuel but its their adjustable height and smart ice-removing abilities that sealed the deal for director Alan McNeill, who ordered the pair of 4m high trailers for their European work.

“I used to be against using Euroliners, because they are lower than UK trailers and our trailers are dropped on site for the customer to load. The build quality I’d seen from other manufacturers in the past wasn’t great regarding the strength of the structure, and the tarpaulin roofs collected rainwater, which could get in and damage the cargo.

“The goods we take south are all single deck, so four metres is fine. But our customer in England requires a higher internal height to double stack pallets. That’s when you need more internal height. We need about 2.7 metres for side loading, which is not possible with a standard four-metre trailer,” McNeill explains.

After a friend and fellow haulier bought a pair of Krone trailers, McNeill was impressed with their strength and structure, and its adjustable roof and Ice-Protect system immediately addressed two of Alan’s chief concerns.

“They offered me the sliding and lifting roof option for both UK and European operation, which means we can get 2.7 metres in through the side and load through the top when needed. That gives us the best of both worlds – lower running height, greater loading flexibility and a maximum internal height of 2.850 metres. They also have an anti-ice system, which is an airbag that runs down the centre of the trailer. You put the sidelights on, press the button to activate it, the bag inflates in three minutes and puts a pitch in the centre of the roof so that, when it rains, the water just runs off the sides.”

A & A McNeill’s Profi Liners are among the first in the UK to be fitted with Krone’s Ice-Protect Air system.

“In response to every reason I gave Krone against a Euroliner, they gave me a positive solution. I wondered if they were just telling me that to get the sale, but they weren’t. Everything they said was going to happen, happened,” he added.

The trailers have also been finished in AA McNeill’s red and white livery and get customised alloy wheel, while all the steel parts have been shot-blasted and powder coated.

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