Scottish haulier marks 20th anniversary with Michelin tyres

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January 24, 2024

Stuart Nicol Transport is celebrating 20 years in business alongside the first truck driver it employed to work for the firm. Stewart Peoples is a long time Michelin fan and showcases the tyre manufacturer’s branding on his truck and regularly paints his tyres. His Scania S730 wears Michelin XFN2 tyres on the front axle, X Multi range tyres on the middle axles and X Multi Remix on the drive axle. The truck runs on a set of tyres for around two years, covering 650km every day. 


Stewart Peoples said: “Michelin tyres have always been good to me. I love the brand. Simply put, they make the best tyres, especially in terms of grip and longevity. That’s why all the trucks I’ve driven since 1980 have had the Michelin sun strip. It still has pride of place on the windscreen of my Scania S730, and I take great pleasure in painting my Michelin tyres to keep them looking smart.


“The truck is definitely a talking point. Wherever I go, other drivers often comment that it’s absolutely stunning. When I went to Gran Canaria for a job, the truck was like a pop star, everyone was taking photos.”


Scott McIntyre, managing director of Stuart Nicol Transport, said: “Peoples is a special calibre of individual who has been a passionate ambassador for Michelin for many years. Stewart deserves a lot of credit for all the hard work he puts in to fly the flag for Michelin, whilst his loyalty, commitment and dedication to our business is outstanding.


“As we look forward to celebrating our 20th anniversary year, our commitment to Michelin is as strong as ever. We wouldn’t use anything else because we believe they are the best tyre on the market. The tyres on our trucks can run for up to 250,000 km, which is just phenomenal.” 


Stuart Nicol Transport has a fleet of around 70 trucks and 114 trailers. Its fleet of Volvo and Scania vehicles run on Michelin X Multi and Michelin X Works products and its trailers sit on Michelin Remix tyres. 

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