Skip firm convinces TC to grant licence

Chris Tindall
November 24, 2023

The traffic commissioner for the North West said a Bolton-based haulage boss had done enough to satisfy him he was an applicant he could trust, after appearing before him at a public inquiry.

Charles Harrison, sole director of AVA Skip Hire, appeared at the Golborne PI to explain if there were any links between his licence application and that of AV.A Skip Hire Waste & Recycling.

The latter firm applied for a licence in 2021 with the sole director listed as William Harrison, but it was refused after the applicant did not attend a subsequent PI.

In correspondence with the TC’s office, Charles explained that William was his father but he had taken on other employment following the licence refusal.

He also said this latest application for the Westhoughton-based business was solely for himself and no other party was involved.

TC Gerallt Evans said: “Mr Harrison gave evidence today that his application was entirely independent of his father’s previous application.

“His father is a showman and has returned to that industry exclusively having only been involved in skip hire during the pandemic when fairs were halted.

“The applicant company has acquired the skips from that previous business but there are no other links. On the balance of probabilities, I am satisfied with that explanation.”

The TC also gave Harrison credit for going to the effort of obtaining his own transport manager qualification, as well as offering an undertaking to supply financial-related evidence and to arrange for an audit to be carried out.

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