Alfred Hymas opts for lightweight Volvos

George Barrow
September 12, 2021

Alfred Hymas has taken delivery of five new Volvo FH 460s with I-Save, lightweight centre axles and Harsh wet kits. It’s the first time the bulk tipper operator has specified Harsh tractor wet kits.

The 460hp 6x2s get a 17.5in centre axle saving around 200kg and adding to the weight savings of the wet kit which has an aluminium oil tank and simplified host layout in order to be as light as possible.

The Hymas fleet has more than 70 artics worse work is split between agricultural and quarry jobs. Stewart Hymas, director, said: “We’re working in and out of the docks moving mostly soya, rape seed, maize and feed ingredients for all the major agri businesses, as well as collecting wheat and barley from UK farmers - so obviously the fleet is carefully specified to reflect this type of work.”

Robert Hymas added: “The Harsh wet kit has minimal weight, is easy to install and easy to operate, so therefore meets our needs exactly. If we’re doing a typical three loads a day and gaining 200kgs each time that’s an extra 600kgs the truck is carrying every 24hrs. In turn, that’s another three tonnes a week over an average ten-year life of the truck. And that’s for just one vehicle. You do the maths - it’s huge!”

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