Application refused after failing to declare previous revocation

Chris Tindall
September 12, 2020

An application by a London operator for an international licence has been refused after the traffic commissioner found the director had provided incorrect details for a previous company.

Deputy traffic commissioner John Baker said sole director Steven Field had not regained his repute since being disqualified indefinitely in 2014 and he had also failed to declare details of the revocation when applying for the new licence.

Field told DTC Baker that his new firm, Wembley-based Celerity LS had been relying on vans, but his plan was to use larger vehicles to move goods between depots.

He said his failure to declare the previous revocation was an oversight and that the liquidation of Parasol Worldwide had been mainly due to fraudulent activity by a former business partner.

However, Baker also raised concerns about the director failing to attend two public inquiries in 2014 and Field claimed he had not received any correspondence about them – an explanation the DTC said was not plausible.

In a written decision, he said: “The fact that Mr Field failed to declare the details of the previous licence and its revocation when applying for this licence adds an additional negative aspect to my consideration of repute.

“I do not accept that it was simply an oversight.”

As a result, the application was refused, although the DTC said the proposed transport manager, Ludovic Muntyan, presented as competent and professional and the decision did not tarnish his reputation in any way.

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