Bio-methane is first stage in Iveco’s journey to zero tailpipe emissions

Will Shiers
February 24, 2022

Iveco sees bio-methane as stage one its journey to zero tailpipe emissions trucks.

“Practical, reliable, 100% emissions-free transport is the goal, the finish line, what we are aiming for,” says Jorge Asensio, product manager and alternative propulsions business lead at Iveco. “Whilst this is happening, already we have a compelling low emissions alternative to diesel on the market - gas or bio-methane.”

He said the bio-gas, which reduces tailpipe emissions by as much as 95%, is already being used in the UK by several customers, including Ocado, Hermes, Romac and Amazon.

Asensio described it as “easy to use, easy to refuel and easy to live with”, and reckoned it was a “superb first-step to getting drivers on-side in moving to a zero carbon future”. He added: “The re-fuelling network is up, running and expanding fast - so for most, range is not an issue. And there is very little difference in weight, so payloads remain as adaptable as they are with diesel.

Cost-wise, the economics work too. Yes, they are more expensive to acquire, but for most, a two- or three-year payback is very much the norm. And against the up-front capital cost of today's initial emissions-free offerings, there is no comparison.”

He expects the fuel to grow in popularity in the coming years, with its use peaking in 2030, by which time “emissions-free solutions will become a real world, practical alternative”.

Asensio said stages two and three in Iveco’s move to zero emissions will be battery electric and then hydrogen, in particular hydrogen fuel cell.

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