BLS Truck & Van supplies Harbour Haulage with a new Mercedes-Benz Actros L

Will Shiers
May 16, 2022

Harbour Haulage has put a new Mercedes-Benz Actros L on the road.

Supplied by Aberdeen Dealer BLS Truck & Van, the 2551 6x2 tractor will be used for transporting fish offal and other seafood-related products used in the manufacture of fertilisers and animal feed, to customers throughout Scotland.

Seeing as it will move both a curtainsider and a bulk tipper, Bailey Hydraulics of Wisbech, was tasked with removing and replacing the standard fuel tank with an aluminium combination tank for diesel and hydraulic oil. 

The Peterhead-based operator opted for a StreamSpace cab, a decision explained by director Raymond Simpson: “We make a regular run for a major customer that takes the truck under a relatively low bridge on the west coast, near Inverawe. The BigSpace would probably get under it but we wanted to leave a margin so opted for the StreamSpace instead.”  

The truck will be inspected and maintained by BLS Truck & Van, under a three-year Mercedes-Benz Complete Service Contract.

“From the little I’ve seen so far, BLS Truck & Van looks professional and well managed,” says Simpson. “Having delivered the Actros L it now has a proper foot in the door; I’m optimistic the dealer will make the most of this opportunity to prove itself.”

Mercedes-Benz will be showing its new Actros L at Road Transport Expo at NAEC Stoneleigh (30 June to 2 July). Register now for FREE

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