Bridge strike campaign trains sights on festive season

Chris Tindall
November 29, 2021

A new campaign warning HGV drivers they stand to lose their licence following a bridge strike has been launched, as more newly qualified truckers are expected to take to the roads.

Network Rail said that despite fewer trains and passengers on the rails due to the pandemic, bridge strikes still cost more than £5.5m in delays and cancellation fees in 2020/21. More than 1,600 bridges were struck over the year, with the most bashed – Coddenham Road bridge in Suffolk (pictured), struck 19 times.

The ‘Wise Up, Size Up’ campaign has been rolled out in the run-up to the busy festive season, reminding HGV drivers to check the  height of their vehicles and to plan their route in advance to avoid low bridges. Ellie Burrows, Network Rail’s route director for Anglia, said: “We urge professional operators and drivers to properly plan their routes, know the height of their vehicles and look out for road signs warning of oncoming bridges. Those who don’t are at risk of losing their driver’s and operator’s licences, and Network Rail looks to recover the entire repair and delay costs from the driver’s employer.”  

Network Rail’s 4E’s initiative - education, engineering, enablement and enforcement - aims to ensure haulage companies and their drivers are provided with the knowledge and tools they need to avoid striking bridges.

As part of the ongoing initiative, Network Rail has a team of bridge strike ‘champions’, who raise awareness of the issue by visiting haulage companies and lead in managing bridge strike risk locally.

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