Campeys of Selby places an order for the UK’s first DAF LF Electric 19-tonner

Will Shiers
February 9, 2023

Campeys of Selby has purchased the UK’s first 19-tonne battery-electric DAF LF.

The zero-tailpipe-emission truck, which is expected to be delivered in April, will have a maximum range of 150 miles. This will be sufficient for it travel to and from the centre of York, where it will make multidrop pallet deliveries.

“We had a demonstrator from Ford & Slater just before Christmas, and it was fantastic,” explained operations director Harry Campey (pictured). “So, when we had the chance to order one, we thought we’d give it a go.”

Campey, who is a fourth-generation haulier at this family-run firm, explained that running a Tesla car helped give him the confidence to place the order for the DAF Electric. “I have had it for 18 months, and other than putting it through an MoT there has been no issues at all,” he told us. The car’s reliability, and minimal maintenance requirements, also encouraged the haulier to turn down DAF’s R&M contract.

“A diesel truck’s R&M mainly covers your oil and filters, but obviously it doesn’t require them. And with so few moving parts, we figure what can go wrong? We’re prepared to take a punt,” he said.

Initially the truck will be plugged into the grid, but in two years this will change when the company moves into a new purpose-built, environmentally friendly headquarters. The site will be equipped with solar panels and wind turbines, with green electricity generated being stored in batteries. Although this electricity will effectively be free, the haulier is working off a cost of 7p per kWh, in order to cover the infrastructure investment.

Due to the initial price of the truck, Campey doesn’t expect it to have a cost parity with diesel in the near future. However, he is hopeful this will change in the 10 years it is expected to remain on the fleet.

“It may well be a loss-leader, but it will be a fantastic marketing tool, plus we are hoping it will both retain business and gain new business,” said Campey. “This is such an exciting time, and there's so much happening. It's so opportunistic, and you have to be forward-thinking and forward-looking, and make the most of the new technology.”

  • To find out more about the DAF LF Electric, and Campeys of Selby’s other alternative fuelled trucks, listen to the latest Torquing Trucks Podcast episode. It’s available now to listen for free on all popular platforms.

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