Carrier Transicold Pulsor 600 fitted to 7.5-tonne DAF LF for first time

Emma Shone
December 19, 2017


Carrier Transicold's Pulsor 600 refrigeration system has been mounted on a 7.5-tonne truck for the first time.

The multi-temperature system is mounted on a DAF LF which will be operated by food supplier Anglia Crown. Traditionally a 7.5-tonne truck would be fitted with a lightweight Pulsor unit, however Anglia Crown decided that the standard unit's capacity and weight was the best option for its operation.

Anglia Crown distribution manager Paul Robinson said: "We wanted a reliable, lightweight unit to maximise payload capacity on the new vehicle.

“We’ve specified Pulsor systems from Carrier Transicold before, so it was our first choice for this application, despite having never been mounted to this type of truck before. Happily, a solution was found that achieved exactly what we wanted.”

Rental company Petit Forestier worked with Carrier Transicold to fit the Pulsor system onto the new DAF, and worked with a supplier to make a bespoke mounting kit.

Pat Skelly, MD of Petit Forestier UK and Ireland said: “We believed that finding a way to mount the Pulsor unit to this truck type would be extremely beneficial, so we made it happen.

“Anglia Crown’s request was obviously the catalyst but now we’re in a position, alongside Carrier Transicold, to specify the Pulsor for these trucks moving forward, which is great news for the industry.”

Anglia Crown runs a mixed fleet of 17 commercial vehicles, all of which are fitted with Carrier Transicold refrigeration units.

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