CNG Fuels opens Castleford refuelling station

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August 30, 2022

CNG Fuels is opening of its tenth low-carbon HGV refuelling station as demand for the fuel increases. The new station in Castleford can feul up to 500 trucks per day which will, according to CNG Fuels, remove 67,500 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions when fully utilised.

The company’s network of refuelling stations now has the capacity for 5000 HGVs per day across the UK, saving an estimated 584,000 tonnes of CO2 annually when compared to diesel.

Located in the Normanton Industrial Estate, CNG Fuels’ newest station will give multiple existing CNG Fuels customers, including major household brands and new local fleet operators, access to low carbon biomethane.

Philip Fjeld, CEO of CNG Fuels, said: “Fleet operators around the world are urgently seeking ways to cut emissions from their fleets. In the UK, fleet operators can do so today by adopting biomethane. Our fast-growing network of refuelling infrastructure has made biomethane more accessible than ever before, and fleets – ranging from local hauliers through to major household brands – are dramatically cutting emissions every day. Our newest station in Castleford is building on our existing network, enabling low carbon deliveries all the way from Inverness to Cornwall.”

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