Crossroads Truck and Bus supplies Pickering Transport with second Volvo FH 540 6x4 tractor unit

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November 27, 2017

Pickering Transport, based in Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, Yorkshire, has added a second Volvo FH 540 6x4 tractor unit to its fleet, supplied by Crossroads Truck and Bus, Hull.

The 80-tonne truck, identical to an FH which entered service with the haulier 12 months ago, includes I-Shift transmission with crawler gears, tandem axle lift, Globetrotter cab, leather interior, alloy wheels, chassis side skirts and D13K engine that produces 540hp. There is also a heavy duty fifth wheel fitted by Wisbech-based SB Components.

The tandem axle lift system lets a driver disengage and raise one of the driving axles, giving the traction and load capacity of a four-wheel drive, with the driveability and efficiency of a two-wheel drive. Volvo said it results in increased fuel efficiency, better traction and a tighter turning radius.

Pickering Transport began in 1996 and has a seven-strong fleet consisting entirely of Volvo tractor units.

Richard Pickering, founder and owner said: “Volvo’s tandem axle lift is ideal for a business like ours that regularly mixes heavy haulage operations with more mainstream road transport work.

“The tandem axle lift copes easily with both disciplines. The service received from Crossroads Truck and Bus in Hull when I operated just one truck was exceptional and that effective working partnership continues to this day.”

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