Direct Vision Standard "completely unjustified", says RHA

Emma Shone
January 25, 2017

The Direct Vision Standard is “completely unjustified and unsupported by evidence”, according to the RHA.

The association spoke out after TfL launched the first consultation into the proposed standard, which vehicles will be required to meet in order to operate in London by 2020, and suggested failure to comply with it could result in criminal proceedings.

RHA director of policy Jack Semple said: “This is completely the wrong message, completely unjustified and completely unsupported by evidence. We are very concerned to learn this is the first of a series of consultations about HGVs.

“Sadiq Khan said he understood business. He is showing no signs of that as far as HGVs are concerned. HGVs are good for London and we need them to replace many of the vans that are taking over London’s streets.”

Semple added: “We look for evidence from TfL and we get none. We will be doing a full analysis of the consultation and responding in due course.”

The FTA also expressed concern that direct vision had limited benefits, and that the standard may not be the best option for the city.

The association’s director of national and regional policy Christopher Snelling also said HGV manufacturing should be discussed at a European or UN level, rather than for a specific city, after a councillor criticised truck makers of moving too slowly on direct vision.

Julian Bell, chairman of the London Council’s Transport and Environment Committee said it was taking “too long for lorry manufacturers to realise that their outdated juggernaut-style vehicles are not suitable for our city street environments”.

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