Director's past comes back to haunt firm

Ashleigh Wight
October 31, 2016

A Fife biomass and groundworks business has been granted a restricted O-licence with strict conditions, due to its director’s links with a revoked operator.

Lochgelly-based WUL Enterprises can operate just one vehicle for three years, without the option to upgrade to a standard national O-licence during that time.

The business was called to a public inquiry in August following the discovery of director William Hardie’s former involvement in TOM Waste Solutions, which had its O-licence revoked in 2014. His involvement in the company had not been declared on its application form.

He is also the son of another former TOM Waste Solutions director Charles Hardie, who had been subject to a proceeds of crime investigation.

The truck that WUL Enterprises had proposed to add to its licence was insured by Charles Hardie. William Hardie claimed this had occurred because all insurance had been arranged through a broker that his father had a relationship with and his name had mistakenly been put on the insurance certificate.

William Hardie said that he had made a mistake in omitting his appointment at TOM Waste Solutions from the application and assured

Scotland’s traffic commissioner (TC) Joan Aitken that his father will have no involvement in the business. He also denied any financial involvement from his father.

The company had previously applied for an interim O-licence that was requested to start from September 2015, as it had negotiated several contracts, however its request was refused last year.

Granting the licence, Aitken described Hardie as an entrepreneurial individual, given that he owned property and had been involved in several businesses from a young age.

“With some hesitation, given my doubt that no paternal money was ever given to him and only because he has agreed to a restriction to one vehicle on a restricted licence for three years, I will grant this application but with a condition on the licence setting out that restriction,” the TC said.

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