Disqualified director has application refused

Chris Tindall
February 17, 2021

A disqualified director who tried to evade his ban by using companies as a front for his continued operations has had an application refused by the West Midlands traffic commissioner.

Jarnail Singh Bajwa was disqualified indefinitely in 2014 after what the TC at the time called “sustained lies” and “attempts to mislead” the DVSA with his business, GB Haulage. Over the next six years, various other operators were then found to be operating as a front for Bajwa, despite his disqualification. These included Bajwa & Son Midlands; Goldcare and Parker Transport Midland.

In 2020, an application by Ash Transport was refused because the sole director was Bajwa. He then applied to have this disqualification lifted and at a Birmingham PI he said he was remorseful about what had happened at GB Transport. However, he denied any subsequent involvement in the other three hauliers.

In a written decision, TC Nick Denton said: “I find this denial to be completely at odds with the evidence presented to the previous inquiries and the subsequent findings reached. I find that, notwithstanding his indefinite disqualification in May 2014, Mr Bajwa proceeded to flout it by continuing to act as an operator, first under the guise of Bajwa & Son Midlands Ltd and Goldcare Ltd and later under the guise of Parker Transport Midland Ltd.

“Mr Bajwa claimed that there was a case of mistaken identity, but no evidence for this was produced. There is no place in the industry for a person like him. The application is thus refused.”

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