Doncaster Council buys 38 Econics to kerb waste costs

George Barrow
December 19, 2018

Doncaster Council is to get a new fleet of Mercedes-Benz Econic trucks thanks to a bumper deal between S&B Commercials and Suez Recycling.

Waste management specialist Suez Recycling and Recovery UK has invested in a fleet of 38 Mercedes Econics, downsizing its current fleet of 71 trucks to just 46 units after altering the way collections are made. Suez has been serving the local authority since 2010, but will now ‘co-mingle’ its recycling collections, with all materials except glass being compacted together replacing the previous, more labour-intensive system of separated waste.

The 38 Econics, together with eight more specialised vehicles will deliver a cost saving for the council as well as decrease traffic volumes on the borough’s streets.

The new Econics are all 2630LL models, powered by 299hp engines though 6-speed fully automatic Allison gearboxes. Supplied by S&B Commercials, the units were prepared at Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ Wentworth Park and are covered by a three-year/160,000km warranty.

Suez fleet technical manager James Griffin said: “This was the first time we had used Wentworth Park for pre-delivery inspections and I was really impressed with the responsiveness and speed of turnaround. Most of the trucks have Faun Variopress VP22 bodies with Zoeller Rotary 3 lifters and are being allocated to domestic, green and trade waste collection rounds. This combination offers excellent reliability, quick and safe bin-lifting operations, and a competitive payload.”

The remaining 12 vehicles are specified for recycling collections, and fitted with Faun Selectapress SP20 bodies and Zoeller Rotary 3 triple lifts. The bodies are split – 70% of the load volume carries co-mingled materials, and 30% is for glass.

Griffin added: “The Mercedes-Benz Econic is one of two low-entry chassis that Suez R&R UK, and indeed the European Suez Group, purchases on a regular basis. The Econic’s cab is equipped to a high standard, while it’s also fully air-suspended so more comfortable, and quieter. The bi-fold glass passenger door contributes to the vehicle’s excellent visibility, as well as offering easy access.

The Econic is also well known to our preferred bodybuilder, Faun, and the interface between chassis and body makes the package a good fit for our collection operation. It is highly economical, too, and this applies to AdBlue usage as well as fuel.”

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