Don't criminalise HGV drivers over weekly cab break, warns RHA

George Barrow
November 1, 2017


The RHA has warned that the DVSA’s crackdown on weekly rest breaks in cabs, which begins today (1 November), could unfairly criminalise drivers.

From this month the DVSA will punish drivers found to be taking their full weekly rest breaks in cabs outside formal rest areas, such as service areas and truckstops.

This will apply to weekly rests taken in public lay-bys, on or close to public roads and on motorway slip roads. Penalties will include fines up to £300 and prohibitions.

Drivers will also be required to start their rest break over again.

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “We are worried that many operators won’t know of the change in the law and could be fined if they park inappropriately. 

“Rest facilities for HGV drivers are scarce and in order to comply with their working hours they need somewhere safe and secure to rest. The authorities are duty-bound to tackle this urgent problem.

“Punishing drivers for illegal parking is one thing, but changes to the current, poorly equipped infrastructure must be made in order to keep Britain’s economy moving.” 

The RHA recommends that where weekend rests are taken in paid for lorry parking facilities that drivers keep receipts to demonstrate they have parked appropriately.


Need to know – weekly rest break enforcement

From 1 November, drivers and operators found in breach of the rules may face:

• Financial penalty deposits (for non-UK drivers) or fixed penalty notices of £300;

• Prohibitions on the driver until the full weekly rest is properly taken;

• The reporting of operators to their licensing authorities, such as the traffic commissioners, including similar authorities abroad.





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