Driver CPC used for career progression, not just maintaining compliance

Ashleigh Wight
September 28, 2017


Driver CPC is often overlooked as a device to progress the careers of professional drivers, and should not be used to simply maintain existing skills, according to the RTITB.

The industry training body  said the requirement for drivers to undertake 35 hours of training every five years should be used to assist with career development and provide their businesses with “maximum value”.

RTITB MD Laura Nelson said: “It doesn’t have to just be about maintaining a driver’s qualification or compliance. Planned and implemented in the right way, it can be a valuable way to truly develop drivers and find ways to progress their careers.

“Rather than just repeating the same courses on driver hours or tachographs, for example, every cycle employers should consider which Driver CPC topics will provide their business with the maximum value.”

Nelson suggested that the courses could be used to develop managerial and supervision skills, which are sometimes overlooked by employers.

The training body has developed a series of training topics that could help support driver career progression, including a module designed to equip drivers with the qualities needed to become supervisors, managers and team leaders.

Courses available include ‘representing the company’, ‘teamwork’, and ‘professional driver roles and responsibilities’, which cover skills such as customer relations, professional duties, and managing and leading people.

It also plans to offer an interpersonal skills module to focus on communication.

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