DVSA validates DAFcheck

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July 31, 2018

DAFcheck, the manufacturer’s network-wide electronic vehicle maintenance record system, has been validated by the DVSA to align with its Earned Recognition scheme.

DAF was closely involved with the DVSA’s Earned Recognition pilot programme, which ran from April 2017. Following the pilot, the manufacturer incorporated changes to DAFcheck to provide greater functionality for operators, including the ability to calculate KPIs - a key element of the Earned Recognition scheme - which are sent to the DVSA at each scheduled reporting period.

DVSA Earned Recognition project lead David Wood said: “DAF has been supportive of the DVSA Earned Recognition project and has one of the first IT maintenance systems to be validated. DVSA welcomes such positive working relationships with the industry and this is an excellent example where collaborative working benefits everyone.”

Earned Recognition allows operators to prove they comply with driver and vehicle standards, reducing the likelihood of being subjected to roadside inspections. A key component of the scheme requires operators to supply all their vehicle compliance results via one system.

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