Fagan & Whalley first in UK to get a complete set of Scania trucks

George Barrow
April 9, 2023

Fagan & Whalley has become the first operator in the UK to have at least one of each Scania model in its fleet of trucks.

“It’s quite exciting, really,” said Fagan & Whalley operations strategy director, Daniel Wood. “It isn’t something we deliberately set out to achieve, but a core part of our philosophy has always been to invest regularly in our fleet - to improve safety, boost efficiency, minimise our environmental impact, and ensure our drivers are happy in their work. Upon reviewing our operations and the vehicles being released by Scania, we decided it was the right time to introduce the new L-cab to the fleet.”

The decision to ad the L to the fleet means that Fagan & Whalley are the only haulier in the UK to have Scania L, P, G, R and S-cab configurations out on the roads.

“Each cab is designed for a specific purpose, and this is something we have always taken into account when it comes to managing our fleet. The new L-cab is one of the safest on the road and serves really well as an urban delivery vehicle, which definitely meets our current needs.”

“In terms of the rest of the fleet, we have over 170 vehicles in total. We’ve just added one P-cab, we have several G-cabs, both rigids and tractor units, over 50 R-cabs, and a few S-cabs, which feature as our flagship vehicles and are usually awarded to our longest-serving drivers.”

“Our P-cab rigid vehicle is employed in our long-distance distribution operations, whilst our G-cab tractor units are our 24-hour runners, used on local deliveries throughout the day and then used for trunking to the Palletforce hub through the night. 

“The Scania R-cab is our standard long-distance fleet vehicle, and we’ve found that it remains to be the best vehicle available for general operations,” Wood added.

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