From the Frontline: DAF Trucks offers a two-month R&M contract freeze to customers affected by COVID-19

Will Shiers
March 26, 2020

Operators who are being forced to park-up their DAF trucks on R&M contracts during the COVID-19 outbreak, can request help from their dealers, according to DAF Trucks UK MD Laurence Drake.

Talking to Commercial Motor today (25 March), he confirmed that there are currently two options to consider. “Firstly, there’s a two-month credit, where they don’t have to pay anything for two months,” he explained. “The R&M contract continues, and then they catch up in future months. So they have two months at zero, four months at normal payments, and then there will be four months at 150%.”

The second option is a contract freeze, whereby DAF stops the R&M contract for up to two months. “This gives our customers some breathing space, lets them take stock of the situation, and then we can talk again after that,” he said.

The dealer network has been briefed and is ready to help, Drake confirmed.

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