From the Frontline: Fleets must maintain vehicles that are parked up

George Barrow
April 29, 2020

Volvo Truck and Bus East Anglia is urging fleets to carefully prepare and maintain their vehicles if they are to be parked up during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve had some customers that have had to park up their vehicles,” explained David Sullivan, regional MD, Volvo Truck and Bus Centre East Anglia. “Customers that do car transportation have stopped as a all the factories are shut, so consequently they can’t use their truck and also the entertainment industry for artists or conference. Some have moved to home delivery work, as there’s quite a lot of people buying online, so they’re back on the road, and we’re waiting to look after those vehicles, but there are other trucks that will have to be parked up. We’re talking to the fleets to make sure they know about some of the things they need to do for their storage checks,” added Sullivan.

The easiest and most commonly forgotten thing to do is to turn off any isolator switches. Then maintaining charge in the battery is important. Fluids should be properly checked and topped-up and a decent amount of driving should be done in the vehicle before being parked up.

“They’ll have to SORN those vehicles, but every four or five weeks there are a number of things they need to do to make sure they’re in a roadworthy condition, and in a condition to start up when they need it without and problems. Making sure they drive the vehicle for a while before and keeping the battery charged are just two. It’s something we can offer to our customers, we have had some accept and some have kept their own drivers on to do those things for them,” he told CM.

Sullivan also says that Volvo is now having conversations with customers about finance payments and how best to manage R&M commitments.

“There are customers who will be able to keep some money coming in to keep their R&M, and others that might need to have a payment holiday. We’ll have to that discussion on a case-by-case basis while at the same time letting them know that they will have to continue to do these really important storage checks.”

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