Giti Tire launches new Ecoroad truck tyre

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April 23, 2024


Based on its Giti GDL617, Giti Tire has announced its new Giti GDL617 Ecoroad. Designed with better rolling resistance and retreadability, the new product offers higher mileage capabilities. Using a new tread compound and tweaked tread pattern the tyre benefits from an improved rolling resistance coefficient. From the GDL617 the Ecoroad has risen two grades to achieve a B rating for rolling resistance. 


The product was launched in size 315/70R22.5 with other sizes expected to be added to the range. This initial size is aimed at operators pulling semi-trailers on long haul journeys such as curtainsiders, silo, refrigerated, and walking floor trailers, and container transport. 


Compared to the GDL617, the Ecoroad version has superior rolling resistance and is better suited to be retreaded. This helps operators to realise improved fuel economy and supports sustainability goals by using a tyre that can be retread. 


The tread pattern has been reworked to feature a zig-zag centre groove and lateral grooves to support good water evacuation, allowing for high levels of traction in all weather conditions. This pattern also effectively ejects stones to prevent damage to the inner casing, protecting it for retreading. 


For better stiffness, the shoulder blocks of the tread have a tie-bar structure to ensure even wear, extending tyre mileage. GDL617 Ecoroad has a three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) accreditation. The tyre was developed in Hannover, Germany by Giti Tire’s European Research & Development Centre. 


Antonio Palummo, TBR senior engineer - Europe for Giti Tire, said: “The new Ecoroad tyre represents the first in a series of new truck and bus products delivering energy saving solutions through lower RRC, in this instance delivering a two-step improvement to B from D.


“We are always very aware of the fine balance operators need to address between environmental impact, tyre performance and operational profit, and we can confirm R&D is already working on a complete Ecoroad portfolio including steer, drive and trailer tyres ranked A in RRC.”


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