Global Pallet System - new network shows its hand

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January 24, 2007

Prospective members of Global Pallet System will meet each other for the first time near the hub at Kidderminster on November 22.

JGB Transport is the first to declare its intention to join the network, plans for which were exclusively revealed by Motor Transport (September 7).

The Aberdeen-based UK-wide operator says the ability to offer a single-pallet rate will help make it Scotland's leading haulier, says Kevin Vaughan, a transport manager at the firm.

Vaughan who has previously worked for UK Pallets, RG Bassett (Palletforce) and most recently Browns Distribution (Palletline): He says there is a big market to go for.

JGB has been attracted by the prospects of several other prominent hauliers with strong reputations forming a core of the network. No other companies have as yet expressed their interest in public.

Vaughan said that JGB had been approached by probably every existing network, other than Fortec.

GPS is being formed by Mike Chamberlain, who is well-known in the sector. "One thing one could never question - he (ran) a quality depot with Chamberlain Distribution as a member of The Pallet Network."

Chamberlain says he can confound the doubters, who say there is no room for another network.

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