Hatcher unveils simple lower cost Smart Spoiler

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October 30, 2020

Hatcher Components has introduced a lower cost version of its Smart Spoiler system of adjustable roof spoilers. Currently, the system uses sensors mounted at the back of the cab to detect the trailer height and automatically adjust the spoiler position accordingly, with no driver intervention required. When no trailer is fitted, the spoiler returns to its fully lowered default position. That version continues, but has now been made more cost-effective by the use of a single actuator.

The new version saves around 30% of the cost at the expense of reduced driver convenience, according to the company. The height of the spoiler is adjusted manually via a remote-control unit. Both versions are available for the majority of European tractor unit types.

Hatcher spokesman Craig Poacher said: “For large fleets with great variation in trailer type the benefits of automatic height adjustment are obvious. Whatever the tractor unit is coupled to aerodynamic optimisation is ensured, all without any input from the driver. But for those with limited trailer types perhaps that level of sophistication is unwarranted.

“The unit is simple to operate and adjustment is extremely quick. The remote option does rely on the driver but it couldn’t be easier to use. Up or down buttons are used to move the spoiler to the appropriate height, which only takes a few seconds.”

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