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November 15, 2019

Northern Ireland based Woodside Logistics Group first began its transport operations back in the 1960’s when three brothers formed Woodside Haulage. The privatisation of the Northern Ireland transportation sector enabled the brothers to expand their operations. Other business divisions were added to the Group including Woodside Motorfreight in 1971, Woodside Distribution in 1993, Haulage Services the bulk tanker division which was acquired in 1996, and Woodside Global (formerly All-Route Shipping) in 2011.

With these different divisions being added over time, the Group’s main identity was addressed with a rebranding exercise in 2018, bringing all five business divisions under the Woodside Logistics Group of services. All but Haulage Services was recognisable under the corporate branding, with the bulk tankers holding a unique identity to the Group’s wider fleet.  Haulage Services carried its name and branding across from its previous owner, as it was well established within the marketplace at that time.

From November 2019, Haulage Services has been rebranded to Woodside Tankfreight, bringing the branding in line with the rest of the Group.  Vehicle livery is now green and white, with the tanks coming in two different styles – white on green and vice-versa. Some of these newly branded tanks are already out on the road, with more being added in the coming months, as new the team transition and phase the new look tanks into their fleet.

With over 200 bulk road tanks in their fleet, Woodside Tankfreight offers a comprehensive and bespoke transport solution to their customer base. The tanks are built for the transport of bulk liquids, bulk powders and, bulk gases – covering both food, non-food and ADR (dangerous goods) products. Rebranding Haulage Services enables the Group to now provide a clear and distinctive suite of services to their customers.

From the initial transportation of raw materials to the distribution of finished products to the marketplace, Woodside Logistics Group provides the complete logistics and supply chain solution. This rebranding exercise now means that there are synergies throughout the Group’s suite of products. With operations across Ireland, UK and Europe, Woodside Tankfreight continues to grow and expand whilst maintaining a personal and professional service to its customer base.

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