Hiab launches new loader crane for huge vertical lifts

George Barrow
February 10, 2021

Hiab has launched a new loader crane with nine-section boom and 2.3-tonne lift capacity at its maximum.

The EFFER 1000 is the first 90 tonne-metre loader crane to offer a nine section boom with six JIB extensions.

It has a 2,300kg capacity at its maximum outreach of 26m with a maximum of 5,800kg at 23m.

Relatively lightweight, the EFFER 1000 only weighs 9,500kg but with the lifting potential of far larger cranes making it ideal for operation in metropolitan areas around tall buildings.

“We have listened to our customers and created a game changing EFFER loader crane that delivers the best vertical performance in its class. EFFER 1000 is a heavy loader crane with the competing vertical reach and lifting capacity of a super heavy crane without the need for the bigger trucks. This flexibility allows them to work in tighter urban spaces and save money,” says Marcel Boxem, Hiab global product management director.

The EFFER 1000 also has Hiab’s new MULTIPOWER JIB that ensures performance even at the higher levels of the extension and can be specified with optional EFFER’s V-Stab and CroSStab to increase the available surface areas to place the truck for maximum stability and safety.

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