HVS tests trailer with new hydrogen fuel cell truck

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March 25, 2024

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturer HVS has tested its first unit connected to a trailer. Its second engineering prototype X2.0 drove around the high-speed track at UTAC Millbrook with a trailer attached. This marks a significant development milestone for the company which plans to be the first OEM to market with a hydrogen fuel cell truck. 

John McKenna, chief technical officer at HVS, said: "It’s less than one year on from launching our HGV technology demonstrator, and we are already on the test track showing our incredible progress with our first trailer pull with a HVS fuel cell truck. It is the culmination of the team's hard work and commitment, and the support of our key development suppliers, and I couldn’t be prouder of what we have achieved in this milestone moment of our test programme. I can’t wait to see what more this vehicle can do." 

The company’s prototype models are being used to test several elements of the vehicle’s design ahead of creating the final production variant. This testing involves real-world data gathering which is used in conjunction with computer-aided engineering models. Dyno test data is also used to refine the vehicle’s setup and will be combined with other data points to optimise performance. 

Built in the UK, the HVS hydrogen fuel cell powertrain is designed to be a realistic zero carbon solution for HGV operators. Compared to battery electric trucks, hydrogen offers fast refuelling, heavier payloads and a longer range. The experience is designed to be equivalent, if not better than, operating a diesel powered vehicle. The only emissions from the hydrogen fuel cell powertrain is water. During testing, water emissions were visible at the rear of the vehicle, indicating the fuel cell technology is working as anticipated. 

HVS is based in Glasgow and aims to start customer trials with its hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by the middle of this decade. 

HVS will be exhibiting at Road Transport Expo, which takes place at NAEC Stoneleigh between 4-6 June. Registrations are now open, so book your free place now!



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