Hydroscand plugs gap in market for environmentally friendly service plug

George Barrow
October 3, 2021

Hose accessory manufacturer Hydroscand has released a new more environmentally friendly service plug. Available in a range of sizes from 4 to 44mm, the reusable plug is made from recycled plastics and can be recycled as well.

Rebecca Galley, MD of Hydroscand, said: “When you take a hose off a machine, by plugging the hose you prevent whatever was in the hose from spilling on the floor, so you’re reducing your environmental impact and making it much safer because you’re less likely to slip. I’ve seen customers spill extensive amounts of hydraulic oil which has an environmental impact but there’s also a cost because that oil is not cheap.”

“They might already be plugging it, which is great if they are, but this particular plug is better at it and more cost efficient as well as being better for the environment in its own right. Lots of people just don’t think to do it,” Galley added.

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