Hyva displays new Titan 2 skiploader design at Road Transport Expo

Commercial Motor
July 11, 2022

On the Hyva stand at RTX was the new and improved Titan 2 skiploader, with more than a dozen changes and new designs to make it better to operate, lighter and easier to work on for servicing and maintenance.

Changes include inverting the pipe on the arm, so the ram isn’t exposed to falling debris and potential damage, a remodified headboard around the wet kit, and a removeable floor for access to pipes and valves on the chassis.

The coversheet is now fully integrated with the pivot point built into the side rave, and a smart weighing device that uses the angle of the lifting arms and the pressure generated on the rams to calculate the weight of the skip and its load.

Colin Bartram, regional sales manager, said with a new higher-grade steel Hyva has been able to take up to 400kg of weight out of the design.

“On the new remote control, it has proportional power so when you place the skip its gentle rather than landing with a thump,” he added.

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