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February 26, 2024

Joining a fleet of 30 Iveco trucks, Alan Davie Transport has taken delivery of two new Iveco S-Way 530 6x2 tractor units. The trucks were supplied by A M Phillip in Scotland, continuing a longstanding relationship between the two family-run businesses that began in 1983. 


Ian Davie, Alan Davie’s transport manager, said: “We’ve been buying Iveco trucks from A M Phillip for years. Their service and support have been excellent with us developing personal connections with those that work there. The dealer experience makes a big difference.”


The Iveco tractor units are equipped with Cursor 13 diesel engines, capable of producing 2,400Nm of torque. The engine is compatible with biofuels such as HVO so operators can make the switch to more sustainable fuels without needing to make any changes to existing powertrains. 


The trucks feature chrome air horns, alloy wheels and spotlights and inside drivers are treated to reclining bunks and extra storage space. A fridge, several device charging points and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto also feature to improve the cab living space. The vehicles are expected to cover more than 180,000km annually so driver comfort was a priority for Alan Davie Transport. 


Ian Davie commented: “Drivers really enjoy getting behind the wheel of the S-Way. They are extremely comfortable and are capable of covering big miles with ease. You don’t hear any of our drivers complaining about the Iveco vehicles, they are very good trucks.”


A connectivity box that comes with the smart pack is fitted to give transport managers access to vehicle reporting on performance, driver behaviour and maintenance. 


Tim Hally, A M Phillip sales director, said: “Both businesses grew together in the early days as neighbours with Alex Phillip providing his now legendary personal service. Each company expanded over time, with Alan Davie retaining a high percentage of Iveco vehicles in his fleet reflecting the service that we still strive to provide today.”


Patrick Farbrace, Iveco UK’s truck business line director, said: “The strong relationship between A M Phillip, Iveco, and Alan Davie Transport is well worth celebrating. This longstanding faith in Iveco product by Alan Davie and the sustained levels of customer service provided by A M Phillip highlights our shared customer-focused values.”

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