Iveco introduces new Iveco Certified Pre-Owned used truck scheme

George Barrow
May 13, 2024

Iveco has re-launched its used truck offering, rebranding itself from OK Trucks to Iveco Certified Pre-Owned.

The new used truck program will now also include electric vehicles, as well as diesel and natural gas models. It’s the latest change to the Italian truck maker’s second hand offering which started in 1995 with the Used Plus brand. In 2015 Iveco revamped its used truck proposition, introducing OK Trucks to the market place but will now remarket its used vehicles as Certified Pre-Owned with a 10 pillar promise covering Certified Products, Certified Quality, Certified Network, Certified Warranty, Certified Maintenance, Certified Spare Parts, Certified Assistance, Certified Connectivity, Certified Service Support and Certified Financial Solution.

Before being put up for sale, Iveco Certified Pre-Owned vehicles will get an inspection to guarantee of reliability and safety. Vehicles will then be divided into three categories, Premium, Plus and Standard, based on age, milage and reconditioning work. An Extended Warranty programme will offer peace of mind up to 36 months vehicles will be available with assistance, telematics and maintenance packages.

There’s also access to a 24/7 hotline to make bookings with more than 2,000 service points across Europe and Iveco Certified Pre-Owned trucks will be available with a range of financial product solutions suitable for a wide range of customers and the evolving powertrains that zero-emissions will bring to market.  

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