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May 6, 2020

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Maple Fleet Services has revealed that cargo crime is on the rise, up an eye-watering 114% in just 12 months, according to Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) data.

And it is not just high-value or high-risk loads that are vulnerable. Figures show that the classi­fication of goods being targeted is hugely varied, with criminal gangs increasingly going after lower-value cargo that is seen as “theft attractive” because traceability is more dif­ficult.

Protecting cargo against load in­filtration has come under greater scrutiny too, added Maple.

The Calais crisis exposed how easy it can be to gain undetected entry to commercial vehicles, leading to billions of pounds worth of produce having to be discarded and ­fines issued to hauliers as a direct result of load in­filtration.

Despite this risk, Maple said that it was still commonplace for operators to rely on “outdated and inappropriate load integrity practices”, such as sealing cables and plastic seals.

However, perhaps in part because of a shift in customer behaviours and changing load security regulations, this situation is now beginning to change, said Maple, and operators are increasingly switching to modern alternatives, such as the company’s Integritas system.

This combines a self-powered locking mechanism with electronic seal. It ensures that a load area is locked and sealed upon door closure, removing the risk of misuse or abuse by enforcing correct procedures.

In also provides a full audit trail, detailing who accessed a vehicle and when it was accessed, and providing complete transparency of operation. Integritas is compatible with both shutter and barn door applications, and operators can choose between RFID key‑fob or PIN number control.

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This article was taken from the first issue of our Product Innovation Daily magazine series. Click here to read the first magazine, completely free.

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