Kier Environmental picks Vision Techniques Ident to boost RCV safety

Hayley Tayler
January 12, 2018


Kier Environmental has opted for the Ident security system to protect its municipal fleet from opportunist vehicle thieves.

Designed by Tip-ex Show Innovation winner Vision Techniques, Ident helps prevent the firm’s RCVs from being driven away by an unauthorised person.

Kier Environmental head of fleet and plant Darren Judd, who is responsible for 750 HGVs, approached the technology firm after two incidents highlighted a need to increase security.

“One of these involved a member of the public entering a vehicle by force and trying to drive it,” he said. “We needed something to safeguard staff and property from the threat of vehicle theft, but ultimately public safety was the decisive reason for Ident."

Judd required technology that prevented the ability to drive the vehicle without authorised access, while keeping the rear machinery operational, even when the cab is unattended.

“We looked at systems that use proximity detection, but if tags are left in the vehicle they circumvent the security,” Judd said.

“Ident was the only security system that guarantees vehicle lockdown when the driver is away from the cab. This was the major factor in choosing this system.”

How does it work?

VT Ident requires drivers to present an RFID tag, which is worn on their wrist, to a reader in the cab before the vehicle can be driven.

The system uses passive RFID alongside sensors that recognise seat pressure and door position.

Once a driver leaves the seat for three seconds, the pressure sensor recognises they have left and Ident locks down the vehicle.

Even if the driver leaves the tag in the vehicle (for example, under a seat) it would still be immobilised as it does not allow the system to be accessed via a Wi-Fi signal.

As well as protecting Kier against the potential for large insurance claims and replacement vehicle costs, the company said it was key to reducing road risk for staff and the public.

The system will be fitted to all new municipal fleet purchases and across the company’s entire Bridgend fleet.


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