Licence cut by two HGVs for compliance failures

Chris Tindall
January 19, 2021

A muckaway operator who was warned by a traffic commissioner in 2019 about non-compliance has had its sole trader licence curtailed temporarily after attracting six prohibitions and a fixed penalty notice.

CMH Haulage’s licence was cut by two HGVs for two weeks after the Eastern region traffic commissioner Richard Turfitt heard evidence from a DVSA visit, which found a high roadside prohibition rate; a change of maintenance provider without notification and concerns over the validity of inspection forms. The visit was prompted by an S-marked prohibition for a tyre on one of the company’s vehicles, which was worn below the legal limit for tread. The vehicle was also untaxed.

In addition, the vehicle examiner that visited CMH Haulage’s premises in Purfleet, reported that there was no evidence of driver walk-round checks on one date; concerns regarding the maintenance provider’s qualification and concerns over the operator and transport manager’s knowledge.

At a Cambridge public inquiry, operator Adnan Manzoor, who was also the nominated transport manager, said he had attended a transport manager refresher course and a new operator seminar. Tyres were now being checked by a commercial tyre company at weekends and he had worked with his maintenance provider to overhaul training.

TC Turfitt acknowledged that improvements had been made, but more work was required and Manzoor had previously been given “a very strong steer” over non-compliance at a PI in June 2019. “The operator’s licence will be curtailed by two vehicles for 14 days.” he concluded. “His repute remains tarnished, as before.”

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