Licence revoked after inspection issues mount up

Chris Tindall
October 21, 2020

A restricted goods vehicle operator who failed to inspect his vehicles at the correct intervals and who also operated more lorries than he was authorised for, has now lost his licence.

A DVSA investigation into sole trader Samuel Plowright, who traded as The Tractor Shop in Louth, found a raft of problems at the operator, including only one inspection record for each of his vehicles in the last 15 months, no forward planning system and a failure to realise his own Driver CPC had expired.

It also found that three HGVs had been used on Plowright’s licence, when only two were registered.

In a written decision following a Cambridge public inquiry, TC Richard Turfitt said it had not occurred to the operator that he was required to attend 35 hours training as part of his CPC.

The TC said Plowright’s comments reflected his general approach to maintenance: “Far too much emphasis was placed on the low mileage without appreciating the importance of the age of the vehicle and that, even standing unused, vehicles can deteriorate,” he said.

Turfitt gave credit to Plowright for his openness and complying with the TC’s office, but he also said his response to the examiners was not what he would have hoped.

He added: “As with many elements of the operator licence, actions often speak louder than words.

“There are only a few to go on, in this case. I cannot reach a positive conclusion.

“On current performance and knowledge, I have to remove Mr Plowright from the industry.”

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