Licence revoked for a string of failings

Chris Tindall
January 17, 2023

The director and transport manager of a Pembrokeshire haulier have been disqualified indefinitely after allowing serious deficiencies on their licence and failing to engage with the DVSA.

Deputy traffic commissioner (TC) Anthony Seculer said Alex Macdonald, sole director of A&N Removals, was “totally unfit” to hold an O-licence and his father and transport manager Neil Macdonald had failed to act on numerous drivers’ hours offences and had an “irrational hostility” to the enforcement agency.

Vehicle examiner and traffic examiner investigations into the business, which traded out of Pembroke Dock, uncovered a number of concerns, including the unauthorised use of an operating centre in Milford Haven, unsatisfactory inspection and maintenance records, as well as concerns over the validity of the documents presented.

There was also evidence that the transport manager had not undertaken any further continuous and professional development since he qualified in 2016.

The DVSA said he was uncooperative and had refused to facilitate communications between the agency and the operator.

Neither of the men attended a subsequent public inquiry (PI), although the TC said Neil Macdonald emailed his office the day before to outline his medical difficulties and to describe himself as a “former transport manager”.

However, in his written decision, Seculer said: “It was pointed out to him that he still holds the statutory position and responsibilities of a transport manager and neither he, nor the operator, has submitted details of an alternative nominee.”

Seculer said that since the licence was granted in 2016 there had been four encounters with traffic examiners that resulted in 12 offences recorded and £100 fixed penalties issued.

In addition, the company no longer had the financial resources to operate two HGVs and ANPR evidence showed that the firm was operating more vehicles than it was authorised to.

Seculer concluded: “I find Alex Macdonald totally unfit to hold a licence and he is disqualified from holding or obtaining an operator’s licence indefinitely.

“On loss of good repute as a transport manager, Neil Macdonald is disqualified indefinitely from acting as a transport manager on any O-licence.”

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