Longer semi-trailer trial permits now available

Emma Shone
March 6, 2017


Hauliers can now apply for the new round of permits to run longer semi-trailers (LSTs), as part of the extension to the trial announced earlier this year.

The DfT has extended the original 10-year trial by five years, and made permits available for an additional 1,000 LSTs.

The permits allow the holder to run either 15.65m or 14.6m trailers, on the condition that they report data from their operation back to the DfT.

Permits for the new wave of trailer can be obtained by emailing freight@dft.gsi.gov.uk, and operators will be able to put the new trailers on the road from 1 May onwards.

Hauliers will have six weeks to prove they’ve ordered their permitted trailers after the permit has been granted by DfT.

The RHA said it supported the time limit, which, it said, demonstrated that “applications should only be made where there is a firm intention to order and not be speculative”.

Those already running LSTs in the trial are eligible to apply for further permits up to a limit of 20% of their total vehicle fleet.

In regards the used market, once participants have obtained longer semi-trailers, they are free to purchase vehicles from each other (the allocation quota moving with the vehicle although they need to inform the DfT).


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